About Me

Hi there everyone!

InstagramCapture_78d057a9-7579-447a-b86e-d5c5200b375eMy name is Jo and probably like many of you yoga came into my life because I felt there was an urgent need to change the path I was on. The hectic life our society demands has made me an extremely anxious person and I worried about the future all the time. I was always afraid of what other people would think about my life decisions and about me.

For a long time, my life was managed so as to please and not disappoint others, never being truly faithful to my feelings and my dreams.


After five years at the university, and another seven years serving in the Air Force, I realized I was not happy. I hated my job, I hated the fact that others were deciding my schedule and I usually spent the whole day counting the minutes to go home. I realized that my life only started after 5 pm and I did not want my entire life to be reduced to those 5 or 6 hours before going to bed or when I was on vacation.

Sem Título

Yeah…that was me alright! Another unsatisfied soul looking to change her life! By then I already had a small experience has a blogger and I had the opportunity to escape and travel every year. Every time I got on a plane to see the world I felt truly alive. I had started practicing yoga so I could learn how to better manage my anxiety levels and I fell in love with it. Travel and Yoga were slowly but surely beginning to be the things I loved to do the most. So in early 2017, and although everyone thought I was making a huge mistake, I decided to leave my safe and well-paid job and started to focus on bettering myself: mind and body.

I became a vegetarian and afterward a vegan, and I am now a certified yoga baby and yoga kids teacher. I will soon fly to India to do my 200hrs YTT.

I don’t know where this new path will lead me. But one thing I am sure of:

Nothing is more important in this life than the pursuit of our dreams and to have peace of mind. And that can only be obtained by being faithful to ourselves.

I decided to share my journey with you and I hope we can all share some love and knowledge with each other! Hope to hear from you all soon!