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Life after Yoga Teacher Training

Last May I traveled to India to finally do my 200hrs Yoga Teacher Training and officially become a Yoga teacher. Now that 2 months have passed it is time to share what I have been doing with my life. I started this new category “Yoga Business” where I will be posting my struggles and wins so you can know all about it. I will also try to get some other yoga teachers to share their Yoga Business experience so we can learn from each other. But for now, this is my life, after my YTT.

What am I doing right now?

Since I came back from India my focus has been on starting a small business related, of course, to Yoga. Packed with my Yoga Baby, Yoga Kids, and my Multi-style 200hrs YTT I embarked on the journey of becoming my own boss, which has always been a dream of mine. So, in 2 months I created my own professional website, facebook page and started contacting some third parties.

Currently, I am giving private classes in an Osteopathic Center, group classes in a gym in my hometown, doing some Karma Yoga (volunteering) in a retirement home with a beautiful and funny group of elders in their 80s, and also doing some Thai Yoga Massages here and there. I will also start to teach babies and their moms, kids, and adolescents in a place that will open in September.

Is it enough?

But let’s get to the point…Is this enough to make my Yoga teaching a full-time job? Probably not! But what I have learned is that in only two months, without much of an effort, many opportunities have been put in front of me. That never happened when I was trying to make it as a Landscape Architect (which is my academic degree). So I am feeling really excited and motivated to work on building and growing my yoga business. And instead of sharing the journey with you only if I succeed, I think it would be really important to share all the journey, from the start, ups, and downs. Even if I crash and burn! What do you think?

What am I planning for the next few months?

Last year I became a certified Hypnotherapist and Life Coach and I am considering adding this services to my Yoga business in some way. In fact, hypnotherapy is really similar to Yoga Nidra. I am also writing a book to help people prepare themselves better before going to the YTT that I will soon publish and I am considering starting to teach online.

So this is me now. I will make sure to keep posting my life after YTT so you can have an idea of the struggles and wins that you can expect after you finish yours! And I hope to hear from you also!

“See” you soon yoginis!!!

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