India 200Hrs YTT Diary

Yoga Teacher Training in India: Week Two and Three Review

Hello everyone! I know, I know…I promised a review of my YTT in Índia. I did the first-week review and then…I was gone! So, so sorry for my absence. I just was so tired that I couldn’t find the strength to write something at the end of the day and since I came back I have been working hard on building a small Yoga business. But I am here now because I know that it is important, for those of you who are considering doing a Yoga Teacher Training, to have some kind of feedback from someone who has “been there, done that”. So here we go!


First of all, and now that one month and a half has passed, I have to say that it is definitely worth it. I really recommend to anyone that is interested in pursuing a career as a Yoga teacher to spend some time in India. You will have a better insight of what Yoga is intended to be. Sometimes Yoga and the meaning of it is a little bit blurred in the western world and the spirituality of it is completely stripped out of the practice. Coming to India will open your eyes a little bit about the importance of the other 7 limbs of Yoga, besides asanas. Even if you want to be a Yoga teacher that only focuses on asanas, I think it would be fundamental for you to have a notion that Yoga is so much more than what happens on the mat. If you decide to share that with your students or not, it will be your choice.

The pros of doing a 200hrs YTT in India

  • You will learn Yoga at its birthplace
  • You will probably have the luck to learn from teachers that have been practicing Yoga their whole lives since many schools in India have Yoga in their curriculum
  • You will meet people from all over the world and have the opportunity to hear their perspective on Yoga and on life and learn from them. You can even have the opportunity to make really good friends in a really short time because you will spend so much time together
  • You will deepen your knowledge on the 8 Limbs of Yoga from an Indian perspective (more spiritual perspective)
  • You will learn about cleansing techniques that probably won’t be taught in the western world because they are part of the Indian tradition and belief system (I will add here that I drank cow pee while I was in India…You read it right! Cow pee!…which I would NEVER do in my country!!! But in India, it is believed to have exceptional benefits for your health and it’s not the pee of any other cow…it is from a special cow! Yeah………..cow pee! I’ve done it! )
  • You will have little time to rest but when you do you will feel like you are on holidays
  • You will eat traditional Indian food almost every day (this one is only a Pro if you like Indian food….I do!!!)
  • In India, it will probably be cheaper and quicker to become a Yoga teacher (which was my case)
  • You will have a glimpse of another culture, which is always a positive thing!
  • And if you have space in your travel bag you can fill it with plenty of cheap clothing with cute quotes and designs related to Yoga!!! That is a plus!


The Cons of doing a 200hrs YTT in India

  • Depending on the school you choose you probably won’t have the comfort you would have if you were doing a YTT in a western country. You will share a room with other people. Sometimes there is no AC. You only have a fan. Some bugs and mosquitos (but usually you have a net on your bed). And no hot water. But for me, it was such a hot weather that not having hot water wasn’t a problem at all! It could have been even colder! Even the sea could have been colder! It was crazy hot!
  • You will have to adjust your mind so that you won’t feel the culture shock. In India, things are different and you have to be prepared for that.
  • The fact that the course is so intensive will get you tired and sore…so, so tired and sore! Be prepared to feel that your body is shutting down in the last days.
  • Sometimes some of your complaints will not be understood. Again this is due to the difference in culture, traditions, and beliefs. If you can, try to be patient and flexible.
  • Last but not least…be prepared to feel a little bit sick. Diahrrea is a common thing when traveling to India.
  • And now a plus from personal experience: men will approach western women on the street and ask to take pictures with you. They usually mean no harm. They only want a picture to show to their friends and family. But if you want them to stop bothering you an easy way to do this is to tell them nicely “my husband wouldn’t like this!”. They will respect it and go away.


Go to India! It is totally worth it. Even if you get tired and you feel uncomfortable with the bed, the bugs, the culture, the cows on the streets, the food that gets you sick, and all the things that come with doing a YTT in a country of South Asia, it will be totally worth it. Even if in the last days you will only be thinking of getting home because you had enough of India, go! You won’t regret it! It will be an experience you will remember forever and probably will want to repeat later. I am already thinking about my 300hrs YTT and I will probably go to India again.

Hope you liked this short review and if you know someone who would like to read it please share it! You can ask me whatever you like below and I will try to answer your questions as soon as possible!




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