Earthling Ed: Educating vegans and non-vegans alike

When I first decided to stop eating animals I became an ovo-lacto-vegetarian. I didn’t aim to become a vegan because I thought that veganism was something extreme. If I was giving up meat I was already making a difference. Little did I know that becoming an ovo-lacto-vegetarian would inevitably turn me into a vegan. 


Why I became a vegan?

The reason that led me to stop eating meat was that I felt a hypocrite. How could I love animals so much and then eat them for dinner? I was incapable of hurting a chicken, but I didn’t mind eating chicken curry provided that it didn’t look like an animal when served on the plate. How hypocrite of me! I didn’t want to feel like that anymore. So one day, when I finished eating what it used to be one of my favorite dishes (lamb in the oven with chestnuts) I thought to myself: this is the last time I eat an animal. And so it was. This was two years ago.

But when one decides to follow this path and starts searching and reading more about it this decision ends up spreading though ones’ life. Because if I do not eat meat because I do not want to contribute to the death of animals, then how can I wear a fur coat? If I do not want to hurt the animals how can I not condemn their exploitation by the entertainment industry? Do you understand what I mean? One has to be consistent. And as an ovo-lacto-vegetarian I wasn’t.

Ed helped me with this process.


He describes himself as a vegan activist that creates educational content including street conversations focused on talking to the public about the morality of eating animals in order to encourage positive discussion and debate. He also produces educational resources in order to help vegans as well as activists.

He really explains the importance of transitioning into a vegan. He doesn’t sugarcoat the issue. He hits you with the truth. And when you finally open your eyes it is impossible to close them again.

So if you are looking for some motivation to take the first step or the next step, I leave you with one of the videos from Earthling Ed that helped me with my transition.

Thank you Ed! “Fighting for change until change happens”.

You can check his other videos on his Youtube Channel and read more about him on his page!

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