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Why your weight DOESN’T matter when it comes to yoga!

I’ve never been a skinny girl. My body structure doesn’t allow it, I am pear shaped with strong legs and the truth is I love food too much and my metabolism is not one of my best friends. So when I started to see videos and articles about yoga and saw that most yoginis seemed to be thin, flexible and beautiful women I began thinking that yoga was not for me. Does this resonates with you? Then this post is for you.


That is definitely not me, but most yoga Instagram accounts show pictures like this. Unfortunately, many women don’t have a high self-esteem. Either they think they’re chubby and want to be thin or they are thin and they would like to be curvy, or they are tall and they don’t like it for some kind of reason… You get my drift, right? We’ve all been there at some point in our lives.

We open a magazine and there it is: perfection! No wrinkles, no cellulite, no grey hair, no belly, no big ass, no nothing at all besides pure perfection. Unfortunately, social media has been passing the idea that this also happens with yoga. Many people give up practicing yoga before they even start because they think: I am not thin enough, strong enough, flexible enough. I am ashamed to show up for a class because I will probably be out of place. They are probably all thin and flexible. I don’t know what to wear and I don’t want everyone to see my huge hips! The same happened to me. I thought “ok…I want to continue practicing yoga, I really need it in my life, and I would like to teach one day but…look at me? I am definitely not yoga material!”

Let’s get one thing straight!

There is no such thing as “yoga material” and there is no such thing as perfection unless we are all perfect in our very own particular way.

This is important to understand if you want to start practicing yoga because, in addition to respecting and accepting others, self-respect, self-love, and self-acceptance are fundamental pillars of the way of life that is yoga.

And there is no “self-nothing” when we are constantly wishing to be someone else. And now you are probably thinking “there it is: the usual talk about accepting who we are and that crap about the true beauty being within ourselves“. That is actually what I thought when I read things like this.

Then I realized that I was searching for something in me that I could only reach through this practice. I was looking for a kind of peace of mind that only real self-acceptance can bring. After some bad life experiences, I understood how important it is to love ourselves and that only if we love ourselves do we have the capability of loving others and the ability to leave room for others to love us for who we really are. And yoga can definitely help you with that.

And so I realized that the “shitty talk” about accepting who we are and loving who we are…it was actually true. You can read more about this here!

And that doesn’t mean I am now a confident woman who doesn’t wish to be more fit and have long legs. Of course not. I am a woman! I am constantly trying diets and trying new workouts in the hopes of getting that bubble tushy everyone is looking for nowadays. It just means I can now understand that, although I wish it sometimes, my looks don’t matter as much as I thought it did and that my happiness doesn’t depend on that nor my choices in life, like, in this case, practicing yoga and teaching yoga.

Yoga is for all! I repeat…Yoga is for all! 

That’s the beauty about yoga. Don’t be discouraged by what you see on Instagram or Facebook. Is your goal to practice yoga and improve your life or is it to be an influencer and have thousands of followers?

If it is to improve your life and find the peace of mind and self-respect you are lacking then it doesn’t matter how you look, what you wear, where you’ve been or who you’ve been! And if you enroll in a class you will probably find out that yoga practitioners are of all ages, colors, weight, sex, and background and some have no flexibility at all and they are focused on bettering themselves just like you.

What you think it is

And even if you wish to be an influencer (although it is not the best reason to practice yoga) and your weight or looks is what is stopping you, then you might want to read more about it here: Yoga is for All and These 6 Amazing Women Prove It.

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