Emotional Tunes

Music has played an important role in my life. As a teenager, I remember buying the albums of some movie soundtracks that I had liked and lying in my bed listening to them from start to finish. Most of the times I found myself with tears running down my face just because some songs had that kind of power over me. I spent hours in my room creating playlists on cassettes (yeah…cassettes…those little physical things were we used to put music inside) and translating music lyrics to my language so that I can really understand the message it was trying to send.

Music has the power to inspire us, to cheer us up when we are down or to serve as escape when we need to release some repressed feelings. To me, music is one of the most beautiful creations of mankind.

In the last years has been a discussion about whether or not it will be okay to use music in yoga classes. Some argue that lessons gain something from the use of music because they make the classes more rhythmic and the body can move better and others consider music as a distraction that may go against the purpose of yoga classes and meditation.

Whatever the opinion, the truth is that music has an undeniable power over us. Through music, it is possible to reach our deepest feelings, rekindle forgotten memories and inspire us. Whatever your opinion on the subject, here is a playlist of songs that I’ve been hearing over the years that have had the ability to really touch my heart and that you can use in your practice or your classes.
Hope you like it!

This playlist will be updated regularly.


P.S If you liked this playlist and you know someone you think will enjoy it as much as you did, share it!

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